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Wesley M.

MMJ changed my life because I can actually live my life without pain and without the use of prescription meds that the doctors give you, then get mad that you actually use them. Then accuse you of being a drug user because your pain is non-diagnostic by an x-ray and a CT scan and an MRI is way out of the price range. Being able to go out and enjoy this world for the little bit of time we are here pain free is amazing. Helps with the anxiety you get from being in a crowd after being locked away in your house for so long that crowded areas freak you out. 

The world is too beautiful of a place to be zoned out on perc, oxy and xanax. Enjoy something natural and see this place. 

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Jessenia S.

My name is Jessenia and this is my story.

No one tells you what life after a baby is REALLY like. They tell you how great it is but I was never told about the ugly side. After I had my first child last year October I had the worst back pains, night sweats, depression and anxiety; I could go on forever.

The first few days home I had shooting back pains that shot up my spine. The pain was so intense I would not be able to move for 20-30 seconds. I couldn’t even say a word. I had to have a cesarean which included a spinal tap so I thought these were permanent side effects from it. They were but thankfully they weren’t permanent. You couldn’t have convinced me otherwise at that time. This went on for a few weeks.

My baby was born with a misdiagnosed cleft palate. During the two day hospital stay the pediatrician missed it. For three days and nights she screamed and screamed inconsolable. I had to rock her for hours upon hours nonstop. I didn’t want to take the prescribed medication they provided me with so I really endured it. Once she was diagnosed at Day five I was sleep deprived and the pain hit me like a truck. I'm pretty sure the car accident I had back in 09 came back to haunt me.

The anxiety and depression came on about 6 months later. I started losing my hair and I was not myself mentally. I could feel myself getting so angry and resentful but that wasn’t who I was. It didn’t affect my relationship with my baby but it was just slowly eating away at who the real me was. It felt like I was fading away. I knew I needed help. I couldn’t fix the hair part but maybe I could the sadness.


This went on for four months until I couldn’t take it anymore. My daughter was still not sleeping fully thru the night and the pain was only getting worse. The night sweats never went away and the anxiety made me a shell. I definitely did not want to take prescription pills so I decided to go to a MMJ doctor. I waited to see if I’d get approved and when I got the green light I waited at the mailbox like a kid waiting for Santa.Once I got my card I checked out my local dispensaries. Took awhile to figure out what worked for me and what didn’t. What was worth the drive or the money, sometimes both.

Being medicated isn’t just about smoking weed and getting high. I am still losing hair but I’m not sad anymore. I am no longer in such intense back pain. I can tolerate the pain when I medicate. It’s about a natural way of healing the things that ail us. Not everyone smokes it, we eat it too. Not everyone gets high, they can remove that too. I’m more of a concentrates with a blunt or a joint here or there. I can’t go too often since I stay at home with my daughter who is turning one in a few days. She’s such a mommas girl.


Thanks for lowering your prices and adding full grams!!!!! The struggle is real but I always save up for a trip to Zen for The Clear!


Thanks guys!

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