Welcome to the Future of Cannabis

Here at Zen Dispensary, our team of expert scientists have worked tirelessly to master the art of cannabis extraction and create the most refined medication imaginable

for our patients.

Our Twisted Concentrates line features:

  • 100% Nug Run

  • High Terpene Full Spectrum

  • THCa Crystals, Sauce, Batter & MORE are produced and hand-crafted right here in our lab.

  • Available in 500mg Sauce cartridges, as well as .5 gram & 1 gram tubs (THCa, Batter etc.)

Experience the best that nature has to offer.

Set the Bar. Raise the Bar. Repeat.


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Arizona Licensed Dispensaries ONLY 

Zen is an Arizona State Licensed Dispensary and Member of the National Cannabis Industry Association. Copyright © 2015. Zen Dispensary. All Rights Reserved.