Cannabis Coffee & Beverages

The Ganja Grindz Coffee Company culinary experts & scientists have spent countless hours "grinding" away to provide you with high-quality, naturally medicated beverages that are perfect for discrete cannabis use!

Bottled Ganja Grindz beverages are made with quality ingredients and infused with 75mg of The Clear™ solvent-free cannabis oil and 7.5mg of CBD isolate.

Available in Roastmaster's Blend Iced Coffee, Pomegranate Green Tea, Aloha Palmer and our award winning Spiced Apple Cider.

Our Remedy Cannabis-Infused Agave Syrup is packed with 420mg THC and 42mg CBD!Available in Watermelon, Tangerine and Raw Nectar.

Cold Bottled Spiced Apple Cider 

High Times Cannabis Cup Winner!

Cozy up any time of year with our award-winning Ganja Grindz

Spiced Apple Cider! 75 mg of The Clear™ solvent-free cannabis oil & 7.5mg of CBD are carefully blended together with apples, cinnamon and a hint of citrus to create a medicated beverage unrivaled in flavor and potency.

Pomegranate Green Tea 

Elevate your cannabis experience with our refreshing Ganja Grindz Pomegranate Green Tea.

Infused with 75mg of The Clear™ solvent-free cannabis oil and 7.5 mg of CBD crystalline; you won't believe something so potent could taste so good!

Roastmaster’s Blend Coffee

Ganja Grindz Coffee Company’s Roastmaster’s Blend Coffee is now available at you local dispensary. Powered by 75mg of The Clear™ THC distillate and 7.5mg CBD , this cold and refreshing black coffee will wake and bake you no matter what time of day.  Feel free to drink it black or add a touch of your favorite sweetened creamer!

Aloha Palmer

Bright, refreshing pineapple paired with invigorating green tea and infused with 75mg of The Clear™ solvent-free cannabis oil and 7.5mg CBD crystalline; our Ganja Grindz Aloha Palmer is both delicious and powerful!

Ganja Grindz Remedy agave syrup is the all-natural home remedy you've been searching for! Infused with 420mg of The Clear™ solvent-free cannabis oil and 42mg of CBD crystalline, you can now easily add your medication to your favorite beverages or desserts!


Our all-new squeeze bottles provide you with measurement indicators up & down the side for fast and accurate dosing!

Available in Watermelon, Tangerine & Raw Nectar.

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