The Clear™ Concentrate family of products is not just a concentrate, it is a brand.  With over 600 retail locations in 7 states and growing, The Clear™ is currently the largest and most distributed concentrate product in America.  We have over 500,000 Instagram followers and countless more who enjoy and demand The Clear™ at their local dispensaries.


The Clear™ is the most consistent concentrate when it comes to potency and flavors.  Our pen failure rate is less than 1.5%.   

Currently we offer the 500mg and 1,000mg cartridges. We also carry our full line of

The Clear™ cannabis-infused Ganja Grindz coffee, spiced apple cider and tea.  

As you can see, when you carry The Clear™ you not only have the ability to carry the

full line of products; You Become Part of The Clear Family.

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Tony 480-828-9572

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